Last Thursday we headed to Grand Rapids with a car full of family to have another round of photos done by the great Ben Harrison Photography (more on this later). Great Grandma Jean, Grandma Debbie, Griffin, Schaeffer Jo and I all packed in for the event.

It was a great, but a difficult day. SJ was exhausted by the time we reached Ben and Laura’s for the photography- she had reached the ‘pre-meltdown’ stage. You can imagine with the multiple wardrobe changes, the manhandling and the overall wrangeling that goes on in a
non-kid friendly house, that it compounded the problem.

However, we reached the breaking point when a real kitty was added to the mix.

Let me tell you how little ‘Ellie’ the cat was nearly squeezed to death by my darling daughter. Weezie the cat (ref. older posts) had made the trip to G.R. with us, and had accompanied SJ upstairs for the photo session. Schaeffer Jo, sitting in the black & white patterned chair below-took a dive to the floor, hitting her head.

Schaeffer is wailing, I’m thinking about comforting and how much this is costing us in photo dollars, and Ben disappears, only to return with their live cat-who looks freakishly like Weezie.

Schaeffer, not understanding the difference between W and new ‘kitty-toy’ reaches out to give Ellie (real cat) a good squeeze. Ben wrangled Ellie away and got her back to her room with the door shut with Schaeffer Jo only a few steps behind-she was determined to see the toy.

Wow. Talk about the unexpected. But, as always, we have some great photos. Ben & Laura do such a great job! They stay patient, kind and give us great work each and every time!

Enjoy the pictures!