You know what your mother said…
“if it sounds like it’s too good to be true, then it probably is”
Well, that is what’s going on here. I’m going to say that we’re back in business on the blog, but I guess time will only tell.

As I say this, we’re bulging to a family of 4 by tomorrow, so already my best of intentions could be waylaid. And, no, much to my mother’s shagrin, we’re not having another child.

Have you all heard about Linda? Linda is our new person-our new gal-she has been with our family almost two weeks now, living with Deb & Doug as their Foster daughter. That would make her my sister, yes? Anyway, while Deb and Doug are in Israel, LindaLou will be with us.
Should be a lot of fun.

In addition to the big news about Linda, we’ve also got big baby news! (see above, to avoid any confusion.) My sister, Nikki and her husband Josh found out the gender of their baby this week!

drum roll please…

It’s a BOY! I’ve been told the name for now is Tobias ______ Austin (I know the middle name, but it’s a secret) and they’re going to call him Toby. Cute!
Congratulations, you two! We can’t wait to meet your little guy in June!

Of course I’ll leave you with one SJ story, to tide you over until my next post…

Griffin, Schaeffer and I are all walking downtown St. Joe. In the distance, we can see a large, burly man (in gym clothes) with two dogs, who are barking.
SJ gets excited, saying “woof, woof, dowg, dowg!”
me: “Yes, baby, those are dogs”
The dogs-and their owner get closer. Schaeffer still barking and screaming “Dowg! Dowg!”
Man and yippers (little dogs) now right next to us. Man stops walking, asks if SJ wants to pet the dogs-how nice.
Schaeffer looks up at man sweetly and says, “M-eeeeoooowwww“. “Kitty.”
Man gets red in face. Stomps off.
Me & Griffin: trying not to chuckle.