Ok, so it has been a full YEAR since I last uttered even one sentence on my blog. Yes, I said year.

I’m feeling cautiously optimistic of improvement, as I now have access to my glorious new MacBook Pro, which will make blogging from any location possible.
Now that we’ve gotten the formalities over with, let’s get on to the good stuff.
I’ve come to the conclusion that each parent thinks that their kid is amazing, a-rate, smart, best-thing-since-sliced-bread. With that being said, I cannot help but be over the moon for my little gal–who despite being the biggest and most consistent pain in my backside, is also the most glorious gift I could have ever been blessed with.
As little gal continues to crawl out from under the sickness that has hovered just out of health’s reach, she has begun to develop some remarkable Godly character traits–prayer, dependence, peace & joy. As she experiences God’s faithfulness at age 2, it is a reminder even at age 28 all you need is belief.
Our household is ramping up for Easter-we are hosting both my & Griffin’s family + some stragglers this year. In the midst of the chaos, the planning & baking, I do not want to loose the overwhelming sense of great mercy and gratitude that should prevail this Holy Week.
If I don’t have the opportunity before Sunday, have a blessed Easter! Spend it with the people you love, talking about the God who loves you enough to sacrifice his only son.