Griffin and I have been determined to have a brave & courageous child, and in doing so, knew we couldn’t sweat the small stuff. The occasional skinned knee or the zipped chin could not be maladies for days. With that said, we now find ourselves in a ‘crisis’ of sorts–where I find myself struggling to find the balance of brave & courageous//acknowledging this is a difficult time.
Background Info:
Schaeffer’s symptoms began to surface about 2months ago-but being the dead of winter-and the peak of cold & flu season, we took the fever, lack of appetite and lethargy in stride.
Fast forward to today–where the ‘symptomless‘ fever has been sporadic, but frequent enough to be bothersome. On ‘fever days’, SJ will take long naps & have very little appetite. We’ve had the gamot of tests done. X-Rays, blood work, urine samples–and for the most part, all have been well within the ‘normal’ range.
To our doctor, the only remarkable thing has been SJ’s sed. rate (definition: sedimentation rate: the speed at which red blood cells settle to the bottom of a column of citrated blood measured in millimeters deposited per hour and which is used especially in diagnosing the progress of various abnormal conditions–as chronic infections).
Our Next Steps:
Because of the raise in SJ’s sed rate, she will now have a chest & sinus X-Ray as well as an abdominal ultrasound. From what I understand, these tests are done to search for hidden infection.
Once the X-Rays & the ultrasound are complete and the results are in, we will be heading to DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids to see a Pediatric Specialist.
What you can Do:
-pray that Schaeffer is able to remain calm during her testing, yeilding best possible results
-pray for wisdom for the doctors who read the scans, that they will have a definite diagnosis
-pray that Griffin and I will see God’s clear will, being united in decision making for SJ’s care
-pray that our hearts are prepared for the diagnosis/no diagnosis
Thank you friends & family for your prayers & best wishes. We’ll keep you updated on information as we have it available.