Griffin & I were feeling so encouraged. The mysterious fever and all other symptoms seemed to have vanished-and we had our delightful, charming 2 year old back. We’ve had two weeks (nearly) dr. appointment free, and some sense of normalcy was returning.

The fact that SJ wasn’t eating was raising alarm bells, but I did my best to put it out of my mind. I wanted to have & keep our life back–for her–for me.
Yesterday, Thursday, I knew something was wrong. After spending the majority of the day at Mee-Maw Debbie’s house, Schaeffer Jo hadn’t consumed her normal (pound) snacks, and was exhausted from all the playing. Falling quickly asleep in the car, she was warm to the touch.
The evening progressed, with Schaeffer still eating nothing & me becoming more and more suspicious. Finally I had my sure-thing answer at 10:30pm when bedlam erupted.
Griff & I found SJ covered in vomit, red-cheeked and feverish, and totally distraught. The vomiting and dry-heaving continued thru the night, finally ceasing just before 5am.
Thankfully, Schaeffer hasn’t vomited again today–but the fever persists. We are continuing to repeat the ‘sick-cycle’ that can’t seem to lend any answers.
We’re once again headed to the walk-in clinic tomorrow morning, but will be seeing a different doctor as our pediatrician is unavailable. Please pray for a revelation, a diagnosis & a treatment plan. Please also pray for stamina for Griffin and me, we are getting tired.