I think there are times when life gets a little too hard for the heart to bear and survival sets in, causing a strange kind of disconnect from the brain to the heart.

Today’s sermon (what we heard of it, above managing Schaeffer’s needs and the drone of her Dora dvd) was a great reminder that, while we must continue to stay on top of all of SJ’s health needs, we must not loose sight of the forest thru the trees. We must continue to seek the revelation of God’s character in the midst of our trial. We must continue to choose to see our blessings, our growth & our answered prayer.
It has been all too easy to become consumed with this stage, and I can tell you that I (Kate), am getting quite tired of staring at the same ‘tree’. Today has brought all of the same as yesterday, diarrhea and a low-grade fever; more lethargy & moodiness that is so not typical of my sweetly dispositioned JoJo.
We are continuing to pray for Dr. Karen Dahl, the pediatric infectious disease specialist, who will be seeing Schaeffer on Friday. We’re praying that God will give her wisdom & patience, and that our appointment will yield a clear diagnosis & a defined treatment plan.