True to the ‘sick-cycle’, Schaeffer is feeling better today. I wonder if this is a good or bad thing considering our appointment is just two days away?
There are moments when Schaeffer carries a resemblance that is so strikingly similar to myself (Kate), that it takes my breath away. We’ve been home for days-and Schaeffer woke up asking to go out. Out for breakfast, out to the grocery store, out shopping, out out out.
We had a great breakfast with friends & headed to the shopping mecca of our area-Target & TJMaxx. Schaeffer loves Target, she loves the ‘little kitchen’, which is otherwise known as the food court–loves getting popcorn & a coke. She loves browsing & finding little treasures just as much as I do. It is always an adventure-and great fun.
What an encouragement to see SJ eating, even if in small quantities. We’ll continue to do the next right thing, and rejoice in every little piece of normalcy.