My little lip kisser.

I’m sure every parent is over the moon for their kid. They don’t notice the annoying personality traits their offspring possess (like I do when sharing common-space at a restaurant), find them to be beautiful and the best-of-the-best no matter what. It must be built in the parental DNA, I’ve never know a mom to not think their son or daughter was the center of the universe.

Hilariously, I swore I wouldn’t become this. I scolded my own mother for teaching me that ‘you can do anything if you try hard enough’, saying that it gives children false hope for their futures.
But, guess what? My daughter, my sweet Schaeffer Jo, is the best. I’m unabashed in saying that she is the cutest, the smartest and the kindest child I’ve ever known. I’m sure you’re gagging.
Tonight, at bedtime, we had our stories read, prayers said and were giving out hugs & kisses. Schaeffer, my little lip kisser, said that I could only have one kiss, because that was all she had left. She gave me my allotted kiss, Griffin his, and proclaimed to be “absolutely out of kisses, and there would be no more until tomorrow”.
She kills me. I did persuade her to give me a few additional kisses-and yes, she can be anything she wants to be.