Daddy’s biggest helper!

Happy family

Sweet niece, Jane Louise

SJ & her best buddy, Eli

Proud of her pumpkins!

Like Papa, like SJ


‘favorite’ pumpkin
The family was in town this weekend to celebrate Debbie’s birthday. We made our first–and sure to become requisite–trip to the Ego’s pumpkin patch. We had a great time. It didn’t matter how many pumpkins were picked, how many gourds were snapped up–we could take as many or few as we wanted.
Schaeffer & Eli were torn between picking and running, a dry corn field became a great place for a quick game of hide-and-seek.
As if our very own pumpkin patch wasn’t enough–we also had a bonfire complete with smores and star gazing. What a night for our kids–what a magical place to call home.