Strike a pose, Tobi!

I’m not sure who the glasses look better on, him-or me?

Aunts & Uncles beware! Leave you son with me…

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have this bouquet delivered to your office?

Very cool art-deco version of the hands of God
the 10 fingers representing 10 commandments

GIANT penny, made of ALL pennies

Beautiful & packed with inspiration

The “G-Nome Project” LOVE the play on words

One big bird’s home…

A bathroom floor to DIE for

Amazing reflection outside of GRAM
Last weekend, we were in GR to celebrate my sister Nikki’s birthday. One of her birthday wishes was to get downtown for ArtPrize–which was suffering.
Amazing. For this girl, who thinks in all things creative & beautiful, it was my playground. I couldn’t get enough of it all. The people, the art, the atmosphere–all perfection.
The only thing that was missing was my honey & my gal–who went home early to rest up for our busy week. I’m already planning for next year–they MUST wander the streets with me.