5526 Lacosta Lane
(Ok–it’s the Noblesville Courthouse)

I’ve got this image in my mind of our first home. I can see the mudroom off the garage, feel the motion to turn on the light. I know what the hallway to the kitchen smells like, and that the door to the little bathroom will be slightly ajar. The kitchen is immaculate (we are still a family of two, remember?) and looks like it hasn’t been used in weeks–which it hasn’t. The dining room, which is just off the kitchen is warm and inviting-upholstered chairs and a beautiful pottery barn chandelier which has been decorated with a swag. The curtains in the dining room are open, so we can have our coffee at the table and watch our new puppy, Ruthie, play in the yard. Our mantle is covered in pictures & our family room is decorated with high-end coffee table conversation starters. Ten steps would take you from the couch to wide harlequin-laid tile leading to the open staircase to the second floor.

I could go on–but I’m guessing that you don’t care how my memory serves me in regard to our previous home.
This home, 5526 Lacosta Lane, is the first place Griffin & I lived. It is the place we put down roots-made friends & started our life together. We faced home ownership for the first time here-experience pipes freeze & burst, even major cabinet repair (see comment regarding Ruthie).
This weekend Griffin & I went to Indy to have some time away-and see some of our dearest friends. While we were there, of course we drove by our old home. It is the first time, after 5 years, that I can say my heart has moved on. While I can still remember EVERYTHING about it–I don’t desire to have it again. A true milestone. I’ll continue to daydream about a time when life was so much easier-and remember all my sweet details, but I’ve been set free from the bondage of the ‘what if’.
Goodbye 5526 Lacosta Lane.