Schaeffer Jo helping ‘rake’ leaves

how much weight can our wheelbarrow hold?

Griffin & his big-girl helper

Schaeffer building up her muscles to go
‘skeeting’ this winter

Great Grandma Pat & Schaeffer Jo loading up the
freshly picked apples

Three of us apple-pickin’ girls

The Ott women with Aunt Pam @ Stacy & Adam’s wedding
Our days have been jam-packed with fun! Grandma Pat (Debbie’s mother) is in town from California. We’ve been spending lots of time together and have been making the most of autumn.
The pictures above don’t do justice to the fun experience we had on Wednesday–we went out to the Sinner fruit farm in Glendora, picked apples & made fresh cider. It was wonderful to be together, and a great way to celebrate Creation with such a unique experience.

Enjoy the pictures, we’ll keep making memories & sharing our love with you.