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Peeking at the beautiful Christmas candles at GG’s house

Each December, one day is set aside to mix, roll and bake traditional cut-out cookies with Great Grandma Jean. Everything is homemade, except the sprinkles, and it is a labor of love for those we love.
It is one of my most favorite days of the year. As a child I didn’t possess the sweet relationship that a tenderhearted and affectionate grandma can yield, which causes me to treasure each day spent together with my beloved Grandma Jean.
Our day begins with coffee, talking, buttery toast. Our ‘cookie plan’ is hatched, and we dive right in on our day’s work. This year when all rolling, cutting, baking and icing was done, our yield was 15 dozen. Just me, Grandma Jean (87 years young!) a hand mixer and 15 dozen cookies.