Ott Christmas 2010

Christmas hugs & kisses

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

We’re so blessed as a family–when I take pause to remember God’s goodness to us, His great faithfulness and his abundant provision–there is no response but gratitude.
I wanted to give my (little) family the privilege of enjoying the true meaning of Christmas, and knew that getting the bulk of our shopping done early would be the only way. It was strange to have the majority of our gifts purchased, wrapped and under the tree by the end of the first week of December.
All of this said because nearly every day after the presents landed under the tree, we had a count-down to ‘Christmas with Eli’. Schaeffer would get all of her presents out from under the tree, put them in a line, and repeat with all of Eli’s gifts.
It is such a sweet gift to my heart as a mom to watch Eli and Schaeffer Jo be so much more than just cousins, but also best friends. Their love for each other is evident and it is great fun to watch them play together.

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