This is a sad tale.
The story begins with a happy family having lunch together. Daddy, Momma and daughter enjoy spending time together, laugh together and eat cheeseburgers. Lunch ends and the family is ready to go their separate ways.
Here’s where the problem begins–Momma can’t find her keys. And, Daddy needs to get back to work. And, her entire family is standing (impatiently) out in the cold. While she scours her LARGE handbag.
After giving the handbag the twice-over, Mamma decides the keys are nowhere to be found. Momma asks Daddy what she should do? Go back into Culver’s he says. She does.
The next 15 minutes are spent searching high and low–to no avail. Momma knew the only thing to do was to stop and pray.
Momma couldn’t imagine that her perfect baby girl would put her keys in the bathroom trash can. However, after digging done by a most-helpful Culver’s employee, a certain little girl has been properly taught to NEVER trash her Momma’s keys again.