Griffin & his girl on the airport shuttle

‘Patiently’ waiting for the plane

Playing ‘eye-spy’ the airplane with Daddy

There it is!

Buckled and ready for take-off

As we talked about going to Disney, Schaeffer was insistent that we would walk there(!). She had the idea in her mind–and would not budge. With that said, she was beyond excited when we arrived at the airport, and could not understand why there was no airplane in the terminal.
The last time Griffin and I took SJ on a flight she was under a year old–so we were concerned about how she would do adjusting her ears, sitting still and using the (scary!) airplane potty. Schaeffer continues to amaze us! She sat like a polite lady, ate her lollipop at take-off and landing and wasn’t even fazed by the ‘different’ potty. It was an easy flight!
Sweet memories.