MeMa Laurie and Tobi

Giggle fits with Mema Laurie

hitchin’ a ride to the purple park



learning to pump her legs with Papa Al

“I think my bottom is too big!”

rocking the pick-up truck
The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful yesterday! We enjoyed going to church with my parents and sister–and had a wonderful brunch at Thousand Oaks Golf Course. The food was delicious, the company was rich.
After eating, we stopped to enjoy the weather at the ‘purple park’. It is one of Schaeffer Jo’s favorite places to play– the equipment is just her size and the park is located on a nice green space. (And, an added bonus–it usually comes with a MeMa and a Papa!)
We tuckered SJ out at the park, she slept for 3-1/2 hours! Before heading home, we fired up the grill and enjoyed a BBQ with the family.
Hello Spring!