An ode to Mrs. Eaton, Mrs. Landot & Mrs. Kerlikowske
It’s hard to believe the BSF year has ended! It seems like we were just beginning the upward climb in the study of Isaiah.
It has been another great year of truth-instilling for Schaeffer Jo. I go on and on, listing all the nuggets of truth that she has learned about God’s character, about His love for His people, and how it is important in her life. She has continued to learn new hymns-timeless songs of truth that are helpful in breaking a pattern of disobidence.
One of the most special things about the BSF children’s program: the loving relationship between the teachers and the students. Each year SJ has two more loving and mentoring women in her life that have taught her about God. This is a short video that SJ made for her teachers this year–we talk about them daily in our home, and she misses them already!