Tobi & Schaeffer Jo playing at the GR Children’s Museum

MeMa Laurie & Hazel

Schaeffer Jo working on her ‘wiggle’

Giant bubbles

Funky photos with prisms

Bee catching

Snuggling with the birthday Papa

The car trip home was tight!
We were able to celebrate my dad’s birthday twice this year! We were together as a family on Sunday, and then together again on Tuesday and Wednesday. We had planned to travel to Shanty Creek to golf on dad’s birthday–but plans changed when he woke up with severe shoulder and arm pain. We ended up in the Urgent Care, ruling out a heart attack.
It was a startling reminder that we take life so for granted–and how intentional we should be in spending time with those we love. I’m grateful that my dad was given a clean bill of health–I can’t imagine life without the man who has taught me and loved me so much!