Planting flowers with GG Jean

At the greenhouse with Great Grandma Jean

Marveling at all the beautiful flowers

GG & SJ posing for a quick picture

Whispering sweet nothings

It has become a spring-time tradition to help Great Grandma Jean with the planting of flowers at the cemetery. The carrying of the flowers, shovel and watering can has gotten to be more than what she can handle, which has given us the opportunity to spend sweet time together.
This was Schaeffer Jo’s first time coming with us–both to the greenhouse, and then out to the cemetery to plant them at the family grave sites. I was blessed to be have great conversation with SJ about dying and heaven. She thought about what we had talked about for a minute, and said to Grandma: “GG, I don’t ever want you to die and go to heaven. I would be too sad without you here with me.”
I’m so thankful for the time that God continues to give us time with Grandma. How blessed we are!

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