At birth, August 2007

Age 2, August 2009

Schaeffer Jo’s first day of preschool, Age 3
August 2010

Schaeffer & Mrs. Waning
Last day of preschool, May 2011


Schaeffer Jo & Mrs. Wodarczyk
My sweet Schaeffer, what a year this has been. You have grown leaps and bounds! There are times when I look at you–and honestly wonder if you’ve grown since my last glance.
You transmit God’s love in a way that makes me so proud. I marvel at your joy, your love and your kindness–God has blessed you with the ability to be both a strong leader and a compassionate person. I love to watch you interact with others, adults and children alike, leading them in your ‘plans’, and bringing smiles to the faces of all you interact with.
You are a blessing beyond what I ever could have imagined–I cannot imagine how greatly you will be used by your Creator, because great are your gifts. What a delight it is to watch you grow, I love you, my sweet girl.