Schaeffer got Mrs. Wodarczyk to hoola hoop!

She did great!

Now it’s Mrs. Wanning’s turn!

Schaeffer Jo made chalkboard planters for her teachers
to say thank you for their hard work this year

Schaeffer Jo couldn’t wait to bust into the calk!

Today, with much anticipation, Schaeffer and I hosted her preschool teachers for an afternoon tea and lunch party.

It’s funny how even when all outward circumstances align: the weather was beautiful, the food tasty, the conversation flowing; there was still a sadness in my heart. What began as a tumultuous school year–one riddled with uncertainty, the year couldn’t have ended more sweetly. I’m not sure when the shift in the tide began, but as Schaeffer began to thrive in school, I began to become attached to her teachers (instead of being attached to my 2-1/2 hours of freedom).
As we run into the open arms of summer–I know that another year of school is waiting just beyond reach. I also know that there is a set of teachers that have some awfully big shoes to fill–both in the classroom and in our hearts.