She added: boucle’ pants with fur trim, pajama top, tutu metallic dress
and full length pajama pants. Quite the ensemble.

Shaylen’s birthday party wore her out!

In addition to her outfits, she also dressed and swaddled
her ‘friends’–you can see them in the background of this picture

Yes, that is a necklace being used as a pillow

Not ready to be awake

At all

Then, I discovered she also had on her sherpa-lined slippers!
This little bed time and nap time dress-up game has been going on for awhile, and more than anything I think it is a great way for Schaeffer Jo to demonstrate her creativity and Independence. The outfits she puts together crack us up–they almost always include something with fur or sparkles, and she typically claims that she started putting garments on because she was ‘cold’.
What’s even more charming? I did the exact same thing when I was her age.