When Griffin and I celebrated Christmas this year, we wondered if it would be our last in our home. As I packed away our Easter decorations, I wondered–where will we be next year when I get these out?
The uncertainty has been plaguing us for many months, from the weeks of preparation to getting our house ‘market ready’, to the countless showings, to now looking down the barrel of losing our status as homeowners.
The process has been different this time–it’s been more tedious, more exhausting. I’m not sure if this is what moving is like with children, perhaps. Maybe it’s also the large roots I perceive us putting down with this move–a proverbial line in the sand so to speak.
I’m happy to report that as of now, we have an offer out on a home in Stevensville. It needs some significant cosmetic updating, but its ‘bones’ are solid. The neighborhood is so serene, it’s almost as though we’re up North.
With that said, let’s have a laugh at some of the doozys we’ve looked at over the last 6 weeks.

On Roosevelt Road. That’s a no.

yikes. No, really I mean it. I was afraid to open closets.

project. Ok, PRO-JECT.

over-priced relocation.

wait, was that a basement or a maze?

I don’t even know what to say here.

great home for my grandma

I don’t like oak cabinetry. at all.

someone likes taxidermy.

beautiful: loved the upper floor of the barn. but, i would also like to eat.
the one we almost bought.
then, we almost bought this one too.

this is the one we are buying.