Schaeffer Jo’s bedroom. Unbelievable to think we never
thought it would become even a nursery.
Now, it’s been home to our daughter for four years.

SJ in her playroom. She said the thing she loved most about this
room was the crazy curtains. I’m inclined to agree.
That, and the warm morning sunlight.

There are small reminders of the past six years everywhere I look.
Like this quote that I purchased after receiving news that a family member had cancer.
At age 30.

Each of us needed closure in different ways.
For Schaeffer, she needed to close the door-once and for all.

We’ve had many conversations over the last week about our feelings,
and how it’s ok to feel mixed up inside. And, about how it
isn’t the house that makes a home, but our love.

A sweet daddy-daughter moment

The spot where many Christmas card photos have been taken

One with my gal and me

And, God being so faithful, answered my prayer that someone
would be available to snap a family photo.
Our neighbor Randy ‘just happened’ to be out walking his pooch.
There are so few significant landmarks of time for families that are positive–births and marriages and success’ in school and work–but so much more is the negativity that stems from the monotony of life.
We wanted to transform what could be a time of grief into a time of gratitude for the great blessing we enjoyed in this home–and a time of expectation for the great joy and blessing that is yet come.
A bittersweet moment that is forever captured in my depths of my heart and mind.