Haiku(s) for you!

black, brown and spiny
they are everywhere it’s true
there are bugs in the basement
it’s gross
but it’s true.
fan, blowing, whirling
buzzing, swirling.
makes my toes like ice.
all i want is to turn it of
but then i’ll sweat through the night.
dehumidifier beeping, trilling,
calling out: empty me now!
the job is never through.
i guess it’s better than moldy sheets
but at 3 am
it sure annoys you.
daydreaming of what was
gourmet kitchen with storage
a place for everything
everything in it’s place
so much space…
space, oh the space.
little girl cries for her toys
wants her blankies and ‘animals’
can’t understand when this will end
Mamma wants to cry too
the little things
the creak of the stairs
the smell with the opening of the door
the sound of the mailman
the woodgrain on my feet
the itty-bitty bathroom
i can’t decide what i miss more

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