mom! no more pictures!

 it’s official: look at the backpack. 

 obviously heartbroken.

 putting her bag and headband into her locker

 can’t quite reach

 ok, she’s goin’ in.

 SJ handing in her “I am special” packet

 Yes, Schaeffer is one in the middle with dark brown hair

school: the best nap-prep around. 
How many first days of school do you have before they loose their novelty? I love the first days of school. I love the anticipation, I love how they’re all chock full of opportunity and I love nervousness in pit of the stomach. I love the closet full of tag-on clothes. I love the new friends and old friends revisited. 
I love it all. It almost makes me wish I was back in school. Especially if I got that closet.