the birthday girl taking the first bounce
 a princess castle bouncy-house for our birthday princess
 Me, Griffin & SJ having a family bounce before the party got started
 “come on, mom & dad!”
 I’m not sure who was more excited for the bounce house–SJ or Tobi
 the kids starting to arrive 
 happy party go-ers
 rock it, Eli!
 sweet cousins
happy birthday, sweet girl!
 a birthday bo-boo, a not so sweet ending to the day

 is that Schaeffer or Rapunzel?
 getting our ‘last jumps’ in
 all tuckered out
the war wounds. with birthday pajamas. 
Even now, a month later, my heart swells thinking about Schaeffer’s birthday. I feel so blessed to have the privledge of raising my beloved daughter in a community of people that love her as I do. It has been our prayer that she would be quick to establish life-long friends that love God and love her–friends that will walk with her in the great times of life and in the difficult times of life. 
We had a glimpse of these friendships at her party when after much fun was had, she fell head-first off the slide of death a steeply pitched metal slide. Her tender-hearted friends were quick to come to her aid, offering words of comfort and compassion, even offering up prized princess band-aids. 
Her ouchies have been long healed, but the memories are long-imprinted in my memory and heart.