almost up the walk
 unlocking the door
 Schaeffer Jo helping Griffin turn the key
 walking into our new chapter of life
 Griffin & SJ’s first picture in the new house
 our first family photo
 SJ camping out in her princess tent 
my sweet goodnight kiss
After many many weeks of uncertainty with the closing process, we were overjoyed when we received the call that the keys were available for our new home. 
With that said, in the week before we received the long-awaited call, I feel victim to a nasty stomach virus. It was rough, and really took me many days to recover. Then, when I was finally well, SJ fell prey to the same horrible, no-good-very-bad bug. 
We rejoiced, that God’s timing was so good, that when the blessed call came, everyone was healthy–and we could go into our new home vomit-free. 
hahaharderrharhar. Not more than an hour after we closed the front door were Griffin and I scampering for something (ANYTHING!) that could catch and retain vomit. 
So, needless to say, the sweet pictures above in the princess tent–all for show.