Schaeffer’s teacher, Mrs. Kern, helping a student cut up the apples
 the kids waiting for a turn to peel their apple
 Schaeffer’s friend Livvy peeling her
apple while SJ cheers her on
 SJ using her ‘big muscles’ to peel her apple
SJ cutting her apple into small pieces to
be cooked down into applesauce
For a brief time, when I was younger (translated: 12th grade), I thought I wanted to be a teacher. Thankfully, taking part in a student teaching co-op promptly changed my mind. There was far more paper work and details and math and spelling and children than I had initially realized–and decided that despite the really amazing schedule (read: summers off!), it just wasn’t worth it. I am not cut out to be with children that are not biologically related to me. 
With that said, I must have had a momentary lapse of judgment when I agreed to be a ‘room helper’ for applesauce day. Schaeffer, her friend Livvy and I arrived, apples in hand, ready for the festivities to begin. I quickly realized that my puny little peeler would do little in fending off the masses of children, that that I should have in fact purchased an industrial strength and sized apple-corer-peeler with a built in child repellent, just for survival purposes. 
With that said, no one lost a digit, and I can’t wait for the Halloween dress up party.