autumn is here!
 Papa grew this pumpkin just for her
 love all the twisty turny vines
 Papa & Schaeffer Jo searching out the best pumpkins & gourds
 she’s got another one
 the pumpkin pickers
 plus two furry friends
 bumps and stripes
 we’re going on a nature walk!
 oh no! not that stick, it’s poision ivy!
going for a four-wheel ride
‘Pumpkin Day’ is one of my favorite days of the year. It makes autumn official, which also makes it officially almost my birthday. Which, obviously, is one of the best days of the year. 
It hasn’t been said, but I think Doug did not in fact plant the pumpkin patch for the grandkids–as he has claimed, but instead, planted them for my sweet husband. It is not that Griffin likes pumpkins–he doesn’t have a particular love for the bulbous orange vegetable. Except, of course, the seeds–which he is impartial to when roasted off with lawrys seasoning salt. 
With that said, I believe that the patch was planted for Griffin so that he could appease me. Yes, that logic does make sense when you really think about it. Inevitably, every year, ‘pumpkin day’ leaves me feeling pumpkin envy. 
Not this year. I had pumpkins & gourds to my fill. I’ve got pumpkins falling out of my window boxes. I have pumpkins lining my walk. I’ve given pumpkins away. I have gourds overflowing in my house. And, there are still more. I could still go pick more, anytime I want. And, I might–tomorrow. 
I couldn’t be happier. And neither could Griffin–and so, I maintain, the pumpkin patch–all for Griffin.