Grandma Grace & Schaeffer Jo 
If you’ve noticed the gap in posting, my family has been grieving the very sudden and unexpected death of my grandma Grace. Griffin and I were in Indy when we received the call that Grandma had suffered a massive heart attack, and knew that it would be many hours before we could get to Detroit. 
Mercifully, God was quick in calling Grandma home. Griffin and I made it back to Saint Joe and had the car packed before I knew Grandma had gone to be with the Lord. While it added great sadness to my trip across the state, it also relieved me of the pressure to ‘make it there in time’. 
This morning, while I sit and reflect on both my time with Grandma Grace and her legacy, there is a common theme that continually comes to mind: strength. Grandma was tender in the moments that called for tenderness–but was a strong to hold together a large family through great trial. Grandma was the glue, so to speak, that kept her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren coming together for countless holidays, parties and reunions. 
Grandma is in my earliest childhood memories–being filling with anticipation as our family car would finally have sight of the “fermi towers”, then getting drawing even nearer, hearing our tires hit the old and bumpy dirt road. Grandma and Grandpa would be waiting for us, Grandma dressed in her nightgown and bathrobe, Grandpa in his blue work shirt and work pants–with suspenders, always with a hug ready. The coffee would be on, and a beer cold in the fridge. 
At Christmas, Grandma’s house would be a frenzy of activity. We’d arrive to find Grandma’s systems already functioning like a well-oiled machine. Pies baked, rolls rising, cookies made, turkey basting, tree decorated, gifts wrapped. In our younger days, Grandma and Grandpa gave all the girl cousins matching pajamas and bathrobes–which quickly became the Christmas jammies that were donned as we anxiously waited for the arrival of Santa Claus. 
In addition to yearly Easter egg hunts, Mother’s day brunch, birthday parties, there have also been countless anniversary parties, retirement parties, bridal and baby showers (both of mine were held here). Grandma Grace can be found in every nook and cranny of her home–down to the very fact that as the family gathered after her death, her systems & preparedness fed 50 people for 3 days. 
What a woman. So, when the priest said, “Grace lived her life in preparation for this day (her death)” he couldn’t have been more right. 
To you, Grandma I say the words of Jesus: “well done, good and faithful servant.” I look forward to seeing you again.