1/4 of our mountain of grapes
 close-up of the purple beauties
 finally making some headway
 is it me, or are the vines outnumbering the grapes? 
finally done! 
Last week all three Schaberg women (and my dad) got together with the kids to can concord grape jam. 
Schaeffer and I found a farm stand that was selling Concords and reserved a jumbo (just smaller than a 1/2 bushel). On pick up day, I was filled with panic–what if this is not enough? What if we decide this is the most delicious jam we’ve ever eaten and feel crestfallen I only brought a jumbo? So, impulsively, I bought another jumbo. For those of you who are mathematically challenged, which some may say fits my reputation, we peeled, cooked, sieved, and canned nearly a bushel of grapes. 
Somehow, in the chaos of the day, I missed pictures of the end result. The jam is the most gorgeous deep aubergine and in my opinion tastes very similar to a grape fruit roll up. As one who could gag a vomit eating grape jam prefers strawberry jelly, I’m excited to see these little jewels tucked into gift baskets at Christmas.