the Schaberg family 
happy autumn!
 the Austins: my sister Nikki, Josh, Tobi & Hazel
 Tobi & Schaeffer: up a tree
 Grandma & Grandpa’s three little monkeys
 yep, that pretty much sums it up

 MeMa and her kids
 my dad and his girls
 my sister Nikki & brother-in-law Josh
 lookin’ down ‘the big hole’
 a sweet daddy picture
 Tobi & Schaeffer Jo 
Me & my dad: see the resemblance? 
We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to snap off a few family photos at the park today! The sunlight was warm and the trees were still rich with color. We had worked diligently to find a professional photographer, and their schedules and ours just didn’t seem to match up. So, armed with a folding chair, stool and child’s rocking chair, we set off to the local park with my SLR set on auto-timer. 
All things considered, we couldn’t be happier with the images–especially since we had great fun taking them.