With the recent turn in weather, I can’t help but think jacket weather will be more the norm than the exception for the next few many months. 
And, considering I reside in Michigan, you would think that I would be expecting this, right? Yet, somehow, every year, at about this time, I throw open my closet, expecting cozy sweaters, soft scarfs, flattering jeans, and the latest trends in outerwear to miraculously appear. Unfortunately, what I find are the same tanks, capris and bermudas that I’ve worn through the summer months and have transitioned through the fall. I’m as sick of them as they are of me. 
It’s time for a change. There are few places you can buy an entire outfit: sweater, wool (wool!) trousers, suede flats and versatile earrings for $100. 
Here’s the breakdown. 
Sweater: Old Navy $34.94 (link here)
Trousers: Old Navy $25.00 (link here)
Suede Flats: Old Navy $22.94 (link here)
Gold Leaf Dangle Earrings: Shabby Apple $19.00 (link here)
Now that’s reason to celebrate autumn!