W2WW: friend edition!

So after posting my first “what to wear wednesday” post this morning, my girlfriend Julie (hi Julie!) asked what I would pick out for her. It was great fun selecting a glam outfit for her, as she is tall–something that I am not–and because she has been working hard and loosing weight.

She looks great–and this outfit would be gorgeous on her!

Here’s the breakdown:

Floating Chrysalis Cowlneck: Anthropologie $119 (link here)
Gauzy Wide Legs: Anthropologie $168 (link here)
La Fenice Earrings: Anthropologie $38 (link here)
Aoki Heeled Oxfords: Anthropologie $198 (link here)

The outfit is a little splurgy, but I know any girl would feel beyond beautiful in these clothes.

One thought on “W2WW: friend edition!

  1. Oh, Kate! Thanks! This made my morning feel special! I do indeed love the pants and shoes and earrings. I may be a hard sell on the sweater. I thought you might have fun with this! Should I give you a challenge and see if you can do an outfit for under $100? 🙂

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