Schaeffer was the ‘counter’ at school during circle time
 some of Schaeffer’s friends from school
 patiently waiting for games to begin
 the beautiful girls of CLS 4 year old class
 all the kids of Mrs. Kern & Mrs. Kableman’s class
 did someone say candy?!?
 the jack o’lantern the kids carved
 Schaeffer tearing it up in the bean bag toss
Rapunzel turned into sleeping beauty
 Great Grandma Jean & Schaeffer Jo

 GG reading SJ her Halloween card
Griffin & Schaeffer leaving for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood
It took Schaeffer many hours of deliberation to decide what she would dress as for Halloween. After much back-and-forth, she finally landed on her beloved Rapunzel (which was convenient for me, as we already had a Rapunzel costume in our dress up bin!). 
As you can tell, Schaeffer’s teachers–against their better judgment–allowed me back into their classroom, and into close proximity to small children. Small children with limited sight lines due to large masks, and with significant issues walking due to the floor length hem line required to be a princess. 
Alas, if you hop me up on enough skittles, laffy taffy and nerds, even 4-year old Halloween games can be enjoyable. Or almost. 
Happy Halloween!