Ten of my favorite frivolous things!

#1. My dishwasher. No, this is not actually my dishwasher (that would require me getting off the couch, getting out the camera, taking a ‘decent’ picture, etc, etc.) I found this beauty in google images. But, add a few dents & dings, it’s a dead-ringer for my little piece of heaven. She may not be much to look at, but she gets the dishes clean–and that’s really all I’m asking for. 
#2. Ruby, my reliable and trustworthy steed. (Otherwise known as my red Toyota Camry). Again, this is not actually Ruby–but this is her twin sister. Except, I’m guessing this car probably doesn’t smell like french fries, does not have a backseat full of a child’s rock garden, and hasn’t seen 87,000 memorable miles of fun.
#3. DVR. Yes, I said it. DVR. I’ve lived without it, I try not to talk about it. 
#4. Just for the taste of it! And because if I don’t have it, things in my life quickly go from good to thermonuclear. Not pretty. At all.
#5. My lifeline, the reason I have carpal tunnel, the one thing I haven’t lost in two years: my iPhone. Yes, much to my husband’s total shock (and delight?) this is the one technological device that I have been able to use on a daily basis and not totally destroy. It’s almost part of our family.
#6. My vice. Starbucks venti non-fat iced chai. So good–so worth the $4.19. 
#7.  Yes, usa. I know, you’re thinking, wait–are there even shows are usa? Yes! We can’t get enough of Psych, Royal Pains, Burn Notice and White Collar. Our favorite line-ups are all found on usa. 
#8. Autumn Wreath: Yankee Candle. Nothing makes me want to snuggle into fall-time and drink cider like the smell of this candle burning. 
#9. Pintrest. Oh sweet Pintrest. There’s no way I’d rather spend five minutes or five hours than Pintrest. 
#10. Siracha. A day without Siracha–a sad day indeed. I can hardly imagine anything that wouldn’t taste better with a little Siracha–oh to that spicy garlicky sauce… yum. 

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