So listen. I’m as big of a fan of leggings as the next girl. I understand that there’s nothing more comfortable–or convenient than to throw on a pair of leggings (or jeggings), pull on a pair of boots and get on to the business of life. 
But, seriously. Or, should I say: butt seriously. I find women have become a little too comfortable in leggings. When did it become ok to not wear a top or tunic long enough to cover most–or part–of your backside? 
Because, honestly, I want to be happy that you’re super comfy in your abercrombie sweater, see thru leggings, and Uggs, but when I have to stand in line behind you at the grocery–it just makes me want to punch you (or cry).

With that said, look at all these ah-mah-zing printed tights! I don’t think it would take that much more effort to pull on a skirt, tights and boots. 
And the extra effort would be worth having your ass-ets properly covered (and not having to worry about me punching you at the grocery store).