Papa Al & Schaeffer Jo ready for the big preformance

MeMa Laurie & Papa Al waiting for the show to begin

Schaeffer on the Sugar Plum Parade
Schaeffer and a bon-bon

Schaeffer and one of the angels
(who she asked if she could borrow her outfit for her school play)

‘tea’ &  ‘candy cane’

 one of the chinese dancers from the ‘tea’ segment


                                                                        Schaeffer and a solider
 a mouse from the Mouse King

Clara & the Nutcracker
Clara signing SJ’s ‘clara’ ornament
We had the great joy of taking Schaeffer to the Nutcracker Ballet on Saturday. She had been looking forward to it for weeks–and it did not dissapoint. The live symphony music was amazing and the dancers were outstanding. (You know I was taken by the costuming.) 
After the performance, we went on the ‘sugar plum parade’ backstage, meeting the dancers and seeing the stage first hand. 
It’s a day that we’ll not soon forget, the anticipation and excitment in Schaeffer, and her total captivation by the graceful dancers tip-toeing across the stage.