how GORGEOUS is this slip? 
you couldn’t help but feel beautiful in it. 
BUT at $198, I find it a little pricey. Anthropologie (here

and, these? ah-mah-zing. 
they’re also from Anthropologie –of course (here). 

 this romper? with a robe? 
You guessed it, Anthropologie (here). 
this romper looks super soft. 
And, it’s affordable at $39.95. Gap (here)
I’m thinking this slip would be perfect for when 
you want to be comfy and pretty
Victoria’s Secret on clearance (!) $29.99 (here)
So, a few weeks ago I was at a Christmas party for our church adult bible study and was alarmed to discover two things. 
1. My humor was completely lost on an entire group of my peers
2. My peers are ignorant when it comes to high-end undergarments
Here’s what happened. While filling my plate at the mexican buffet bar, a friend was refilling the (delicious!) guacamole. He happened to mention that the guacamole was made by a local authentic mexican restaurant, La Perla. 
While chuckling, I said, “I’ve always found their name to be strangely ironic.”
“Why?” He asked.
“Because La Perla is the name of expensive panties–and I wouldn’t want people thinking about panties while they ate my food.” I said. 
You know the look of three heads? That’s what I got from everyone standing at or near the buffet table.  I’m still not sure what I find more alarming–the way I was totally misunderstood or the fact that I’m still mulling over my friend’s panties–which I probably could have let go as a totally disturbing fleeting thought until a Viagra ‘power lunch’ box was opened as a white elephant gift.

Not ok.