What to wear Wednesday: Christmas Morning Attire

So listen, blogworld. Everyone has a family member who is notorious for wearing inappropriate “loungewear” in family settings. Perhaps it is the grown adult who continues to wear nightgowns with teddy bears. Or, maybe it is the man who struts his stuff in his tank top and boxers–with a bathrobe.

Whatever the eye sore your family possess, I’m making the claim that with a little pre-planning, Christmas morning can be both joyous and non-scarring.

Here are my tips:

1. Surprise! Open “Christmas pajamas Christmas Eve (for the whole family!)
2. Take a moment to realize what you put on your body as you’re hitting the bed Christmas Eve will be what you’re picture is taken in Christmas morning.
3. Don’t get sloshed Christmas Eve, falling into bed in whatever was laying on the floor of your bedroom.
4. Set an alarm for Christmas morning. Comb your hair, brush your teeth and (for heaven’s sake!) put on a bra before greeting unsuspecting family.

If you’re still in the market for some fab Christmas jammies for the whole family, check these out:

 The breakdown:

Silk Velvet Robe: Garnet Hill $168 here
Eileen Fisher Twist-Neckline Pajamas: Garnet Hill $108 here
Girl’s Polka Dot Ballet Slippers: Garnet Hill $39 here
Glitter Charm Sleep Set: Gap $29.99 here
Long Johns in Organic Cotton: Hannah Anderson: $38 here
Broken-in long sleeve tee: JCrew $29.50 here
Utility fleece out-of-office pants: JCrew $59.99 here

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