Schaeffer Jo’s acting debut: Angel Gabriel

Schaeffer Jo looking particularly angelic in her Gabriel outfit

one last practice of her line: “Do not be afraid!”

Decked to the nines in her gorgeous fur coat

An entire row of proud family
Schaeffer Jo telling ‘Mary’ to not be afraid

Angel Gabriel & Mary

 Angel Gabriel & the Shepherds
giving daddy the thumbs up 
(little stinker!)

 Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, Gabriel & the angels
Angel Gabriel and her proud daddy
When Schaeffer Jo’s teacher pulled me aside a few weeks ago to confirm our attendance for the Christmas program, because she was going to assign Schaeffer Jo the part of Gabriel, we had no idea SJ would be the only child with a speaking part. 
We couldn’t be more proud of her confidence and her leadership. God has instilled wonderful qualities in her that we know He will continue to use for His glory. What a wonderful ‘line’ to memorize “do not be afraid!”. 
I’m sure this will not be the last time we have the privilege of watching her preform. 

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