So, hopefully you’re sitting at home, in your gorgeous pajamas (from Garnett Hill), sipping an adult beverage and watching the fire crackle. You’re admiring your beautifully adorned Christmas tree and are feeling confident in each thoughtful gift that you’ve hand wrapped beneath your tree. All you have to do now is wait for the big day.


Well, if our local Meijer is any indication: wrong. The number of bleary-eyed adults, wandering aimlessly through the aisles, haphazardly throwing items in their carts was staggering. At times, I felt afraid that I would be cart-jacked–not because the items in my cart were particularly desirable, but because I had already made the effort of hunting and gathering through the crazy maze we call a grocery store. 
In light of the fact that I do, in fact, have all my gifts purchased and wrapped, I thought it would be entertaining to poke fun at all the last-minute shoppers out there. 
Ten Ways to Identify the last minute gift:
10. Everything in your ‘gift’ could be purchased at the counter of the local gas station
9. While the up cycled “Congratulations, It’s a Girl!” bag is beautiful, Great Grandma is so 
confused she’s insistent there must be a mistake
8. You quickly realize your gift looks very familiar–so similar in fact–it was regifted back to you
7. While you’re all for the homemade gifts, the random hodgepodge from the
 junk drawer does not qualify
6. The garment that is not your size–but strangely–is the size of the giver
5. Anything “As Seen on TV!”
4. Socks and/or underwear–this is especially painful when the gift isn’t given from your significant other
3. Do you really want an oil change or a gas gift card for Christmas?
2. Diet Pills or a gym membership. Need I say more?
and the number one, worst last minute Christmas gift:
booze & lottery tickets.

Stay classy blogworld.