the 1960’s wallpaper and border
which, contrary to current belief, everything does not trend back
the main complaint–the large amount of unused space
(the walls are actually white, I’m not sure why they look like urine yellow-gross!)

the vanity and sink

 the inspiration for the update-the amazing vintage gold medicine cabinet. 
close up
this must go. 

Now that the holidays have come and gone, and we still have a week to do with what we please, I thought I’d tackle my bathroom. One of the unusual things about the vintage of our house is the ‘master bathroom’–sans the bath. I find it tremendously charming, and immediately fell in love with the gigantic vintage gold medicine cabinet.

Check back later this week for the finished product–while the granite top and new sink will not be here, you’ll get a solid idea of where my design idea is headed for this exciting project.