Debbie set the tables so beautifully

 Grandma greeting her friends, both long-time and new

Grandma praying before our meal

Grandma Jean and Doug (with Schaeffer on the flute) signing old-time show tunes

Stacy (holding Jane) and Sara (holding Hattie)

 Grandma blowing our her candles
 Grandma and her BSF buddies: Bertha, Gert and Frankie
 Adam, Stacy, Hattie and Grandma

 Grandma and her life-long friend Nadine
 Sara, Scott, Eli, Jane and Grandma
 Grandma and her great-grandkids

 The whole family
 Grandma’s kids: Gayle, Doug & Deb
Myself, Griffin, Schaeffer Jo & Grandma