Grandma Grace’s ‘memory tree’ has begun to blossom! I so look forward to eating plums and telling sweet stories one day. For more of the story:


After the very sudden death of my grandma in October, Griffin and I have been trying to be intentional in spending more time with my extended family in Detroit. Granted, we don’t always succeed, as it seems weekends and calendars are quickly filled, yet we were able to spend Easter weekend there.

It’s amazing how nostalgic some traditions can feel–like the hiding and hunting of eggs on Easter Sunday in my grandparent’s large lawn. I can vividly remember sitting wild with anticipation in the living room, trying to spy any pastel color in the lawn through the drawn drapes, hoping to get a leg-up on my fast-footed competition. Nothing had changed this past Sunday, except now it was my child sitting in that same room, spying with those same eyes, hoping to fill her basket with eggs jingling of quarters, nickels and dimes, just as I had once done.

I’m so grateful that I can confidently say Christ has been a victor over the grave–that for me death will hold no victory! For He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!