You would think being paid to shop would be so glamorous. 

In the years that I was a was a shopper by profession, there were glimmers of glamour, drowned by package schlepping and hours spent in the return line.

I loved what I did–which most days–compensated for the rigours of Ad agency life, for the egotistical creative directors and unreasonable demons demands from clients.

Being a stylist by trade, I also got to see the latest trends, fondle textiles and purchase beautiful garments–all at no cost to me. It was the best of both worlds–the high of retail therapy, without the crushing low of bill payment.

Somewhere in the mayhem of timelines and deadlines and constantly evolving ideas, I’d lost the thrill of the hunt. The love for the great buy or find, the ability to idly wander through a store and enjoy each section.

Now, a few years out of the styling world–I realize that in the last year of working I hadn’t been shopping, I’d been brainwashed into merely buying and consuming.

I can once again enjoy shopping, wandering through TJMaxx with a Starbucks–finding great bargains–like the shades pictured above. Designer and on clearance for only $8.99–now that’s some shopping I can get into.

Don’t just buy. Enjoy the shop!