my achey breaky heart.


**Allow me  first to give you a word of warning. Use caution when googling ‘images of heart’. This squeamish stomach cannot handle images of an actual human heart. For your benefit, I’ll assume neither can you.

Obviously, I’ve been absent from these parts for a few weeks. Ok, a month. Largely, blogging is therapeutic for me. It’s a creative outlet that helps me to bring order to the creative jumble that tumbles around in my mind. However, when I struggle to make sense of my emotions I tend to become introverted, which extends to a total inability to write.

The last few months have been a prolonged (read slow and painful) way of saying good bye to a dear friend. There were many days where it was easy to live in denial that she was actually moving away because even while her house had sold and her family had moved, I was still seeing her two days a week. It’s funny how your desired reality can become your reality.

Today the band aid was finally and completely torn off. Her move is complete, and aside from returning to the area to visit family, she now lives on the other side of the state. I feel surprisingly peaceful as I write, finally able to close the door on what was and move on to what will be.

I’m so thankful for the influence and mentoring I’ve had–for the growth she’s brought into my life and for her unconditional friendship. For the laughter we’ve shared, for the tears we’ve cried. I look forward to the people God will bring into her life and for the lives she’ll impact for eternity in her new town. I’m also filled with anticipation thinking about the people God is already preparing for my life–both to grow me in the Lord and for me help in their growth.

It’s time to get on with getting on.

3 thoughts on “my achey breaky heart.

  1. I am sorry that the bandaid had to come off–know it was a long, painful process for your friend too. I will miss being close to you and watching you grow and mature. But I hope we will stay in contact and see one another. I, too, feel an odd peace today after being so torn between two worlds for too long. Love you dearly!!

  2. Prayed for your class this morning at our leaders’ meeting. So thankful that God has given both of you peace throughout this difficult transition.

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