Oh friends.

Every once in awhile you witness (or perpetrate) such a significant parenting blunder that it simply cannot go without receiving the attention it’s due.

Tonight’s trip for ice cream held such a moment.

After arriving at our local DQ with my daughter in tow, I began to question my choice. Did I, in fact, have enough energy to socialize? (Yes, I’m aware this is a horribly sad statement–and yes, I should get out more). Because of my present clothing situation (ie: nothing fits), I wasn’t even going to indulge in anything sweet, so that made the idea even more daunting.

Don’t get me wrong; I wanted to see our friends. Heck, I was the one who set the whole thing up. However, I was quickly having buyer’s remorse.

Ten seconds in, when my daughter, totally unprovoked–intentionally stepped on her friend’s toes–I was seriously reevaluating. (Read: I was looking for the closest exit & ready to make a break for it.)

I mean to tell you things went downhill from there. And fast.

Should you enforce another’s parent’s rule to your child–just for the ‘ease’ of the situation? Probably, yes. Did I have the energy to crack the whip on something I didn’t think really mattered? No. Was I being rude? I’m not sure.

What do you think, dear reader? In my mind, it was something that wasn’t tremendously significant. It wasn’t putting my child into danger, nor was she being disruptive. She was just being allowed to do something (and by doing so, causing temptation for the other child) that the other little girl we were with was not.

Sadly, that wasn’t even the worse part. While Schaeffer hugged her friend goodbye (no doubt a bit too long), the friend was trying to wiggle free, ending up with skinned knees on the ground. With tears. Lots of tears.

Not the best way to end an evening–with my sweetie feeling badly about just trying to give a hug, and wondering if her apology was adequate–and with her friend’s knees skinned.

Navigating the world of motherhood, play dates and friendship is mind-boggling. I often wish someone would just publish a guidebook to eliminate all the ambiguity.